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Max Talbot with penguin Fleury, named after his best friend on the Pittsburgh Penguins, Marc-Andre Fleury [x]

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pk subban > every other nhl player
pk subban > every other professional athlete
pk subban > literally every other person in the world

Anonymous said:
So like, because Tokarski is a 3rd stringer and played instead of Budaj (because Budaj isn't strongest against an emotionally charged NYR team), you hate him?? Why...??

Huh this is kinda random haha but no that’s not the reason. I pretty much hate him because I think he’s extremely overrated considering he is now 25 (Price is 26) and he has yet to break into the NHL (Price has played 7 seasons). He is small, he has really weak positioning, he isn’t aggressive, he can’t play the puck for shit, he has very low confidence when playing and the team plays very reserved and defensive when he’s in net because they clearly don’t trust him bc every time he needs to come up big and make a key timing save, he lets in a goal. On top of that, his attitude toward the game is shit as if he doesn’t take it seriously and he doesn’t really care and to add to that, he seems super self-centered in the way that he constantly compliments himself and talks about how great of a goalie he is which is just embarrassing because he’s really not very good at all. I feel like after the Price injury people wanted a hero so bad that they made Tokarski out to be one even though he was and is nothing at all special. I personally think it was a terrible decision on Therrien’s part to play Dustin over Budaj because Budaj has been nothing but supportive and an amazing teammate, leader and friend to everyone on the team and I think he deserved a chance, something he wasn’t even given. He played one period in the playoffs after sitting on the bench for 2 thirds of the game and let in 2 goals on 5 on 3s and one on a 5 on 4 after already being down 6-1 at that point. You would think that the habs staff would’ve shown support in him as he has in them. Plus, as far as Price goes, who lets be real is the only goalie anyone should be thinking about, he doesn’t need to mentor someone who is coming into the NHL 6 years late and 5 inches too small during this critical time in his own career. He needs and has expressed his need for Budaj because Budaj is like a mentor to him who is not trying to take his starting job and putting pressure on him, something Price has proven in the past does not improve his play but hinders it. Also, leading back to the World Juniors, Price and Tokarski never had a friendly relationship and although Price doesn’t mention it, I get the feeling they don’t really get along exactly the way Price and Halak hated each other but were “nice” in the public eye. Anyway, that’s pretty much why I hate Tokarski in brief. As a human being though, he seems like a nice enough guy and I have no problem with his actual existence or personality or anything. It’s strictly as far as his actual talent or lack of goes, what’s good for the team and specifically what’s good for Price.

This is how Google translated the French Canadian anthem to the English language.


O Canada! Land of our forefathers,
Your forehead is glorious jewels!

As your arm knows how to wear the sword,
He knows how to carry the cross!

Your story is an epic
The most brilliant exploits.

And your value of dipped faith
Protect our homes and our rights.

Protect our homes and our rights.

OMFG GOOGLE TRANSLATE IS HORRIBLE!!! What the actual translation should be is:


O Canada, land of our ancestors,

Your forehead is encircled with glorious flowers!

Because your arm carries the sword,

It knows how to carry the cross!

Your history is epic of the most brilliant adventure!

And the value of your soaked faith,

Will protect our land and our rights.

Will protect our land and our rights.


It’s still dumb but at least it sort of makes sense hahahaha

Jonathan Toews and his assets in the off-season [X]
Jonathan Toews and his assets in the off-season [X]

"I was saying to PK, ‘get off me.’ I had no idea where the puck was and I wasn’t in the mood for spooning at that point."